Messages on the Disaster

Messages on the Disaster

              ARAKAWA, Fumio@GEI, Inc.

Please find a part of the message exchanged with my friends in the world so that it will convey my deep appreciation to the warm messages from them encouraging us Japanese to recover from the damage and to create the new society in the near future:

Dear friends, (12 Mar 2011 from China, Dr. R. L.)

It is a shock to know the earthquake attacked Japan yesterday.

With fires raging and parts of some cities under water after a massive earthquake and tsunami that likely killed at least 1,000 people, that is the news we heard. I want to express my deep concern to you, my Japanese friends. I met most of you through ICEE events, ICEE 2007~ 2011. Some are my old friends for many years. Sincerely wish all of you and your families are safe through the disaster. I have visited Japan several times. Very nice people and impressive country. I would like to say that we are all here and always with you. Most Chinese people have expressed their concern through the web. When China had earthquake in 2008, Japan was the first to offer disaster relief. Those would never be forgotten by Chinese.

Sincerely yours,

Dear Dr. R. L.; (14 Mar 2011 from ARAKAWA)

It is very thoughtful of you to send us a warm massage of your concern.

Fortunately enough all of my family are well being, including aged mother of 89 yrs old and five grandchildren (one of them is in Muscat, Oman, with his parents now), though I myself was in Swiss. On the flight back from Zurich there was UN corps of the Swiss for rescue of the disaster. Similarly the fright from Frankfurt arriving at almost the same time on Saturday carried the corps from FRG.

At this moment let me express my concern of the fact that the Japanese media report us little of the rescue form either China or Russia in these days. It will be one of the most suitable occasions for both countries to make better relations with Japan to send rescue corps and/or messages of concern, just like yours. It will be one of my important tasks to extend your warm message to the other friends and acquaintances, particularly those in media, so that they will understand the Chinese friendship with Japan is soundly established in the field of electro engineering through joint effort in ICEE for instance.

Again, Your wish is deeply appreciated and surely be our support in the disaster.

Dear Fumio and Yasuko, (14 Mar 2011 from Germany)
Thank you very much for your message. We are right now in the lobby on 59B at Narita and are waiting for our flight to Germany at 15:35. I hope that you and your family are well and that you will not be affected by the natural and human disasters. Let us keep in contact and continue our friendly and valuable friendship.
Best regards from Marlies & Hajo

Dear Fumio, (16 Mar 2011 from Italy)

I follow with emotions on the news the tremendous disaster of your Country, which unfortunately every day presents more and more uncertainties for the potential cascading effect.

I and my family are happy that your family are safe.

Moreover, we are admired for the soul-strength of the many thousand of Japanese people remained homeless, no food and medicine, which are particularly hitting the babies remained without parents.

My family and I, earthly send you our warm participation and some prayers.

Keep in touch.

Dear Friends; (17 Mar 2011 from ARAKAWA)

To my great pleasure Japanese media widely reported the press conference of Chinese Prime Minister, Un Jiao Pao, who presented Japanese a warm message of support and rescue to the disaster, referring to the Japanese support for the disaster in Shin Chan (四川) area. The Japanese Foreign Minister dare to join in the G8 Meeting in spite of the serious circumstances of the Cabinet to express sincere gratitude for positive support from member countries to include Russian Foreign Minister with whom he tried to settle down the disputes on four islands beside Hokkaido. These diplomatic efforts will surely promote global peace in the world.

It is also interesting and important for Japanese media to report frankly such facts in China that there are some Chinese discussing the disaster as the punishment by the God, while the other discussing such a reference is arrogant and not polite. Similar discussion has been made between arrogant Mayor of Tokyo City and the public in Japan.

Much more important fact is that there are many Japanese receiving warm massages to encourage them from all over the world. I am really confident to believe that human being is warm and sincere to give support to those in their difficulty. On the contrary human being could be so hostile and cruel, for instance, at a time of war, which is the dispute beyond national borders. The global task for us to tackle with will be to establish political and social systems in the world that will make the warmth and sincerity overcome the hostility and cruelty. UNESCO has been established to be one of organizations to implement the idea. As electro engineers we will be able to make IEEE, ICEE, CIGRE and such organizations work for the purpose also.

Last but not least to appreciate the support and encouragement provided us with from many global friends to include you, yourself. Surely we Japanese will cope with the difficulty to create better society, changing it from monetary infected and energy wasting one to welfare oriented and energy conservative one.

Dear Arakawa, (17 Mar 2011 from China, Dr. R. L)

Very much moved by your kindly email.

Please trust me, most Chinese people are sympathy to Japan. They want to help and support. The natural disaster is to the whole human society of the world, not only to Japan. We have to stand together to confront this nature challenge. What Japanese people doing now is being watched by the whole world.

Hope more people be saved out. Wish Japan a better future after this disaster.

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